Daiei Engineering Co. Ltd. delivers "DELICIOUS TASTE" through Food-Processing Machines.

In 1970, DAIEI ENGINEERING CO., LTD. developed the spring roll machine on which the wrapping procedures was automated for the first time in the world, and has been keeping a leading manufacturer of spring roll machine and the spring roll pastry machine. After that, adding quantitative filling technology to the world-first wrapping technology, Daiei have been creating a variety of automatic food machines such as Gyoza machine, Shaomai machine, Paozu machine, Crepe machine, and Dim sum master, etc. in sequence. DAIEI has completed the integrated-production line including design, development, production, and sales-after service so that we can quickly respond to customer requirement and can obtain customer satisfaction. With the technology heightened day by day and timely sales-after service, Daiei's food machines have been being exported to approximate 28 countries and have been working in practical production lines. Daiei goes on delivering delicious Taste to the world even in future by providing the more advanced food machines.

List of Food Processing Machines

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