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Crepe Machine

Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed the crepe machine with high efficiency by integrating the technology cultivated since Daiei's establishment. It is able to bake up 900-2,700 sheets /drum / hour. The crepe machines are designed so that it can bake soft and beautiful patterned-crepe and can provide delicious taste to you. Daiei is manufacturing a variety of models of crepe machine such as the model with grooved drum to make the round crepe with clear edge, and the model with 4 baking drums to make 10,000 sheets per hour.

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Crepe production of flow

  1. Put batter made of egg, milk, wheat flour, sugar into the batter hopper.
  2. Scoop up the batter, and paste it on drum surface, and bake.
  3. Scrape crepe out of drum and delver on the conveyer one by one.
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