Product InformationStick Spring Roll & Shrimp Roll Machines

Stick Spring Roll

Stick Spring Roll Machine

The Stick Spring Roll Machine (HSR-100) continuously feeds spring roll or crepe pastry strip into the molding drum where the pastry is rolled spirally, and the filling is added simultaneously. Finally, the internal cutter cuts it to the pre-determined length.

Shrimp Roll

Shrimp Roll Machine

This model was developed to automatically wrap fresh shrimp in spring roll pastry. A special feature is its ability to wrap the roll while leaving the shrimp tail in place.
Frying the rolls immediately before serving produces a new texture through the wonderful pairing of the fresh shrimp and the crispy spring roll pastry. Typically, it is used together with the Spring Roll Pastry Baking Machine (HT series), so the pastry is fed continuously. The shrimp is manually fed into the machine, then the rolls are formed automatically and dispensed on the conveyor.

Stick Spring Roll Machines HSR-100

Stick Spring Roll Machines HSR-100

Production capacity
12,000 rolls/hour (length 30 mm)
6,000 rolls/hour (length 60 mm)
3,000 rolls/hour (length 120 mm)
2,000 rolls/hour (length 180 mm)
Product size
Length 30–180 mm
Note: product length is adjusted by changing the cutter speed.
Diameter 10–20 mm
Note: diameter is adjusted by changing the molding drum.
Machine dimensions
900 × 1,500 × 2,000 mm (W×L×H)
Power requirement
200 V/16.0 kW (3-phase)

Shrimp Roll Machine ES-40

Shrimp Roll Machine ES-40

Production capacity
2,400 pieces/hour
Product size
Length 100–110 mm
Diameter 15 mm (maximum)
Weight: 10–20 g
Power requirement
200V/ 380V/7.25 kW (3-phase)


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