Product InformationSamosa Machine


The Samosa Machine was created from conventional technology for wrapping filling in pastry, with added improvements to the wrapping method. After baking thin pastry in the drum, the machine makes five folds to produce triangular samosas. Once fried, you can enjoy the exquisite texture of crunchy pastry that is just the right thickness.

The machine can produce very attractive, uniform samosas, thereby enabling a significant reduction in labor costs.

Samosa Machine SAM-25HT

Samosa Machine SAM-25HT

Production capacity
1,500 pieces/hour
Product size
Equilateral triangle with 60–85 mm sides
Weight: 20–40 g
Machine dimensions
3,078 × 1,643 × 1,760 mm (W×L×H)
Power requirement
25 kW

* Consistent product weight and size


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