Daiei's engineers provide comprehensive assistance for regular operations and in emergencies.

Staff give technical guidance at time of delivery to ensure smooth deployment

"Giving shape to clients' needs" is one of the founding principles of Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd., whereby we develop designs encapsulating the ideals our clients wish to convey through their passion and products. Gyoza pleats that appear handmade, distinctive samosa wrapping—Daiei prides itself on designing machines to enhance the key attributes of each product. Our precision designs leverage the latest 3-D measuring equipment to help clients produce the authentic taste they aim to achieve.

Speedy response to breakdowns

Daiei stocks parts and retains plans for all previously supplied machines. Parts are manufactured in-house, so we can supply them promptly when required. We hope that clients will use our machines for many years—do not hesitate to contact us if a breakdown occurs due to wear and tear.

Global after-sales service

Daiei also provides after-sales services to customers overseas. If an issue arises, please contact us by email or request a video conference via Google, Zoom, WhatsApp, LINE, or other media. When the source of the issue is known, we will promptly deliver replacement parts or, when necessary, send a technical expert to provide on-site assistance.

Flexible upgrading and customization

Daiei is pleased to assist with upgrading and customization to facilitate longer product lifespan for clients. Partial upgrading or replacement can ensure continued or improved productivity in older equipment—contact Daiei to discuss potential options.


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