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Spring Roll Pastry Machine HTR-90

Spring roll pastry machine (Model: HTR-90) consists of 2 lines of the pastry machine (Model:HT-90), 2 lines of drying conveyer, and 2 lines of cutting & stacking machine, and automates a series of processes such as the continuous baking of the pastry, drying, and cutting & stacking on the conveyer. Firstly, put the well-mixed batter (Mixture of wheat flour and water) into the batter hopper. The machine continuously bakes and forms the pastry strip on the drum heated at 100-200C, dries the pastry on the conveyer, cuts into the desired length (150-250mm), stacks with the desired number of pastry sheets on the conveyer, and finally transfers them.

Production capacity 5,400 Sheets / Hour
Product size 200L x 200W mm (In standard), Max. width; 250 mm.
Thickness of pastry 0.4-0.8 mm
Machine dimensions
(W x L x H)
1,550 x 7,300 x 1,880 mm
Power requirement 64,6 KW.


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