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Shaomai Machine DIM-150

The shaomai machine (Model : DIM-150) fully automates a series of processes such as pastry wrapper making, filling, forming into Shaomai shape, and delivery to conveyer. Putting the kneaded-dough and stuffing into the dough hopper and stuffing hopper, respectively, the shaomai (Su-mai) machine makes square pastry wrapper, fills the stuffing on the wrapper, forms the beautiful and high-quality Shaomai, and finally delivers shaomai on the conveyer.

Feature 1) Shaomai weight is consistent. 
2) Shape is beautiful. 
3) Stuffing is little kneaded. 
4) Operation is quiet. 
5) Washable with water.
Production capacity 9,000 Pieces / Hour (with 2 heads)
Product weight 12-40 g (One weigh must be selected.)
Machine dimension
(W x L x H)
1,370 x 915 x 1,950 mm
Power requirement 6.2Kw


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