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Shrimp Roll Machine ES-40

SHRIMP ROLL MACHINE Model:ES-40 has been newly developed to wrap flesh shrimp with the spring roll pastry automatically. Putting flesh shrimp on the trun table manually,the machine automatically wraps it except its tail section. Eventually the tails can be seen after wrapping. Frying the wrapped shrimp,the flavor of fresh shrimp makes good harmony with crispiness of spring roll pastry,and brings nice combined texture. Usually,this model is used in connection with spring roll pastry machine.

Capacity 2,400Pcs/Hr
Weight 650kg Caster attachment
Electricity 3P/7.25Kw/200V/380V
Products Specification
Pastry 105x105mm
Length 100-110mm
Weight 10-20g
Diameter(Max) 15mm

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