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Wonton machine WF-360N

Wonton machine (Model: WF-360N) automates a series of processes such as the wrapper making, stuffing, formation of wonton with pleats, and delivery onto the conveyer. For this model, the exclusive dough pastry machine (Model:EX-430R) must be used because the wider pastry is needed. Firstly, put the stuffing into the stuffing hopper, and put kneaded dough into the dough hoper. The dough pastry machine (Model:EX-430R) makes the pastry strip. And the wonton machine (Model: WF-360) makes pastry wrapper with desired size, fills the stuffing, then forms the Wonton, and finally delivers them onto the conveyer. This model is equipped with 6 sets of forming units to make 6 pieces at the same time.

Features 1) Easy operation 
2) Washable 
3) Can be connected with a steamer and fryer
Production capacity 20,000 Pcs / hour
Product size Pastry; 70 x 90 mm, Pastry thickness: 0.4-0.7 mm Weight: 4-10 g
Machine dimension
(W x L x H)
2,280 x 1,800 x 1,750 (mm)
Power requirement 3.2 kW

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